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E-Learning Advanced Diploma in Electrical safety

E-Learning Advanced Diploma in Electrical safety

The e-learning Advanced Diploma in Electrical Safety e-ngineering, the advanced comprehensive Safety Management Program related to Safety in Industries prone to Electrical Hazards ie, dealt with advanced electrical safety. This e-learning Advanced Diploma is designed for anyone who aspires a profession in the field of Safety Management (especially in electrical safety management and electrical safety engineering) with a specific knowledge of managing equipments and processes with direct electrical exposure which are hazardous to health and life and secured systems with high voltages or current fluctuations. This e-learning Advanced Diploma program covers all the advanced technology integrated systems for a safety officer who deal with atmospheres of an industry having electrical hazards with the sufficient knowledge of Electrical safety and proper energy control programs and power control systems The trainings and illustration will be delivered through e-learning education, focusing flexible education for professionals.

How it is beneficial for you:
Health Safety and Environment Management Systems integrated to all major project phases in manufacturing and maintenance industry have become a legal requirement now days.Safety Officers are required by chemical manufacturing and processing industry to control Health Hazards and Environment Hazards.Electrical Safety officers are highly demanded by industries.HSE Engineers with specific technical awareness are highly relevant for the industry.


Minimum Education Qualification: HSC/ Any Degree Suitable for:
B.tech / BE Electrical Engineering, BSc Physics, BCOM, BSc Maths

Duration: 1 Year

Fire and Safety Forum authorized electrical safety management trainers and Guest Lectures from reputed Electrical engineering industries.

Examination Management System
Our examination management system is developed with e-learning examination management system and converged examination management technology.At the end of E-learning education activities of each safety topics module there will be successive internal examinations. Fire and Safety Forum evaluates candidates’ course behavior and performance prior to the main certificate Exam.

At the successful completion  of this safety diploma program, students will be awarded advanced Diploma in Electrical safety engineering by Fire and Safety Forum, an ISO 9001-2008 certified safety institution.